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The Library is the hub of PE’s downloadable source codes, PCBs and associated files.
Please check the following before contacting us about downloading files.


All files for each month's issue are now zipped together into a single .zip file.


Files can be downloaded via the link underneath the magazine covershot on each month's web page which can be accessed via the Library.  If you know the date of publication, you can also use the Projects pages to check that issue's web page directly.


Notice for students: we do not recommend using old PE or legacy EPE projects for university projects. Parts may no longer be available, the design may be obsolete and we do not offer any technical support for legacy projects.


About PE Project source codes

Almost every PE microcontroller project uses a Microchip PIC® device. Normally, PE projects offer free .hex files so you can program or 'burn' your own microcontroller using a suitable PIC programmer. Often a source code (assembler) .asm file is also available to experiment with.


Sometimes, due to authors’ copyright, source code may not be available for download: if this is important to you please check availability of source files before starting a project.


Source code files for legacy projects (EPE Magazine ~1996-2008) are hosted on the web site EPEMag.Net. This is the best place to look for the oldest project source codes from the 1990's onwards. They were normally written in assembler language using TASM and may require manual editing if using e.g. MPASM. You can usually convert them to MPASM using the legacy EPE Toolkit TK3 designed by the late John Becker (tested up to Windows XP only). From February 2014, MPASM was retired by Microchip.


About PE Printed Circuit Board (PCB) designs


  • PCBs before March 2006 issue are not available for download. Readers building projects from early issues will need to create PCB artwork the traditional way, e.g. using a PC to scan 1:1 artwork from the magazine page for transferring onto Press n Peel or print out your own acetate master film instead.
  • PCB artwork from March 2006 to July 2013 issues, if available, is downloadable free in .zip (PDF) format. If you know the date of publication you can use the Projects pages to download artwork from that issue's web page.
  • PCB artwork from August 2013 to the present day As from August 2013 issue, PCB artwork is available free upon request to subscribers only. Non-subscribers may purchase artwork files for a nominal sum. Please contact our Orders Dept for information or to place an order.


About PIC 'n MIX; Teach-In listings etc.

Please note that files, listings, source codes etc for these monthly series are zipped, along with all other project files, into the single .zip file corresponding to that magazine issue. So if you are looking for eg a PIC n MIX file for September 2015 edition, it will be included in September 2015's .zip file. Please visit that issue's dedicated web page or download it directly (see below).


You can also download files directly using these links:


Please note, to speed up our service to readers, due to our publishing timetable sometimes we release the latest project files before the web site design can be updated. On rare occasions there may be a short delay before files become available online. Please bear with us and we will release them as soon as we can.


You can try to access them directly at where mmyy is the month & year of the issue. Example, May 2008 (0508) is If a project is spread over several issues, try the preceding or next month(s) page if you can't find a particular file.


EPE released most PCB artwork (PDFs) for downloading from March 2006-July 2013 EPE. They are located at Example, the PCBs for May 2008 (0508) are at These are FREE downloads.


Need help finding a file? Please send a blank Email to and our autoresponder will send helpful information.


Legacy EPE (Everyday Practical Electronics) projects


A summary of older projects published in Everyday Practical Electronics (1998 -2006) with Corrections and Please Take Note updates is available once again via our re-published Legacy web pages. These date back to the earliest start of the EPE web site and are provided for information only. Our web site search engine may help you to locate a project. Please check all parts are still available before commencing construction of older projects like these.


Also available to download:


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