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During a period of transition, website users may see legacy links or mention of 'EPE' but these are synonymous with PE.



PE contains a variety of editorial content and features dedicated to the electronics hobbyist or enthusiast.


Each issue typically includes:


  • A selection of fully-worked constructional projects, professionally prepared, photographed and presented in full colour for you to build in confidence. Published in association with Silicon Chip. Free downloads and PCBs foils, where available, are published in our Library, or you can visit our Projects page for outline details of each issue.
  • Circuit Surgery – your electronics and semiconductor questions answered by our in-house expert, Ian Bell
  • PIC n MIX – regular series dedicated to PICmicro fans, by PIC industry expert Mike Hibbett.
  • Techno Talk – the latest trends and developments in technology, communications and electronics
  • Ingenuity Unlimited - readers' own circuit ideas.
  • Audio Out - hands-on practical design and construction advice for audiophiles
  • Net Work – Alan Winstanley’s column for Internet users, with practical tips and comment to help you keep abreast of online trends and developments.
  • Full colour adverts from electronics suppliers dedicated to serving the hobby electronics enthusiast.
  • PE Direct Book Service – a wide range of technical books and CDROMs available by mail order through our Online Shop.


Each issue typically contains 72 pages printed in full colour on high quality paper. Contents are subject to change depending on available space.


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Your ideas could earn you some cash and a valuable prize!


Ingenuity Unlimited is sponsored by




Readers' own circuit ideas have the chance of winning a valuable prize. We pay between £10 - £50 (GBP only) for each item published, depending on length or technical merit. We're looking for novel applications and circuit designs, not simply mechanical electrical or software ideas.


Ingenuity Unlimited is open to all abilities. Ideas must be the readers' own work and must not have been submitted for publication elsewhere.


Submit your ideas by post or Email. Please keep text brief and concise and show any circuit diagrams clearly.




You can also read our digital edition on many mobile devices or PC.

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