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Celebrating 50 Years of our magazine

Here at Practical Electronics we're very proud of our heritage, having built the post-war hobby electronics market in Britain from scratch. In the November and December 2014 issues we celebrated our 50th birthday. PE's Alan Winstanley wrote this two-part special article describing the origins of Practical Electronics magazine in the UK, followed by the arrival of its litte sister Everyday Electronics. The articles show how our title evolved over many years, including cover shots of some milestone issues, taking in ETI (UK) and Hobby Electronics along the way.


Download these articles for free:


EPE Magazine 50th Anniversary (Part 1) (PDF 6.6MB)

EPE Magazine 50th Anniversary (Part 2) (PDF 9.8MB)


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The History of PE - A Brief Introduction


PE is the result of the two top UK hobby electronics magazine titles merging together.


Practical Electronics (PE) was founded in 1964 and it spawned a sister magazine Everyday Electronics (EE) in 1971. They eventually merged to become EPE though in 2019 the title finally reverted to Practical Electronics again.


Here's a brief look at the evolution of these titles and the people behind them. Read more...


The very first EPE websites...

It was back in 1996 when the newfangled world-wide web arrived at EPE. Our first website was welcomed by readers, especially those from overseas who could now connect with us in real time for the first time. Not very many readers had Internet access at the time (56K dial-up was the norm), which made our foray online that much more special.


You can view what's left of the original websites in October 1996.


Looking for older project details?

Details of Legacy projects from 1998 to 2006 are now online.

The Basic Soldering Guide Handbook

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The new Basic Soldering Guide Handbook is sponsored by Antex (Electronics), the UK manufacturer of soldering irons and equipment. This all-new guide contains more than 80 colour photos and takes in 18 years of readers’ comments and questions.


The Basic Soldering Guide Handbook contains all the information the beginner needs to solder electronics successfully, and includes guidance on choosing the right soldering iron or soldering station, details of various solders and fluxes (including how to use Colophony rosin flux), how to solder pcbs and wiring, and how to desolder too. A Troubleshooting Guide is also given.


Easy to read in a friendly and informative style, it will appeal to novices, trainees, students and those from other disciplines, such as audio or PC engineers who are faced with having to solder a wire for the first time.


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