Resource files

Sundry files or reprints relating to specific EPE features or articles.

PIC Tutorial by John Becker

A groundbreaking trio of 16-page supplements first published in April - June 2003 EPE. PDFs 200k -500k.

  1. PIC Tutorial Part 1
  2. PIC Tutorial Part 2
  3. PIC Tutorial Part 3

Reminder: these are legacy resources. The EPE Toolkit TK3 software for Windows is available from here. Information may have been superceded and readers should ensure all parts are still available before commencing construction of older projects. We're sorry, we cannot provide technical support but help is available via the EPE Chat Zone forum.


PIC 16F87x Mini Tutorial by John Becker

PIC 16F87x Mini Tutorial by John Becker. First published October 1999. PDF 470k.


Sundry Files

Serial I/O Serial I/O OCX file


PIC tricks useful resources for PIC designers


I2C interface URD312.exe (zipped)


Using Graphical LCDs reprint of our popular article an edited or truncated version of Microchip's floating point library, called by some EPE PIC projects eg SemTest in the Feb. 2013 issue


Silicon Chip USB Serial Port Driver used in some legacy PC projects


DAB Antenna (Jan 2017 issue)


Friends at Silicon Chip magazine have informed us of a small error in the 5-element Yagi DAB Antenna project. In the upper left of Fig.1, the point where the folded dipole connects to the boom is labelled 'A', when it should be labelled 'F'. For those of you building the antenna, a corrected diagram can be accessed here (PDF).


Touchscreen Appliance Energy Meter (July-Sept 2018)


Since Part One was published, a minor change to the circuitry has been made. We added a 100nF capacitor between the earth (ground) terminal on CON8 and the VREF (pin 10) of IC2.We now only supply the RevI PCB (see this issue, page 21) which uses an ACS718 (SOIC-16, IC4) and one extra 1nF 0805 SMD capacitor. This is needed as the previous ACS712 current sensor, shown on the original circuit diagram, had insufficient reinforced voltage rating for double-insulated use. Consequently, also please note a slightly amended circuit schematic which is downloadable below.

Energy Meter Circuit Diagram Revision (PDF)



The Basic Soldering Guide - now available in paperback from Wimborne Publishing.



Now available as a full colour paperback direct from our Online Shop


The Basic Soldering Guide ebook for Kindle by EPE's own Alan Winstanley has now been published. Sponsored by Antex (Electronics), the leading UK manufacturer of soldering irons and equipment, the new guide contains more than 80 colour photos and a total rework of the original text, taking in 17 years worth of readers’ comments and questions and updating the text for current trends in soldering.


The Basic Soldering Guide contains all the information the beginner needs to solder electronics successfully, and includes guidance on choosing the right soldering iron or soldering station, details of various solders and fluxes (including how to use Colophony rosin flux), how to solder pcbs and wiring, and how to desolder.


A Troubleshooting Guide is also given. It will appeal to novices, trainees and those from other disciplines, such as audio or PC engineers who are faced with having to solder a wire for the first time.


You don't need a Kindle to read it as free readers for most platforms are also available.


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