December 2011 Issue

A summary of this month's contents.

WIB Web Server In A Box (Part 1)


A brilliant constructional project for networking enthusiasts, our Web Server In A Box (WIB) hooks up to a router and permits you to host hundreds or thousands of pages or files, easily accessible in a web page. The WIB  utilises an ordinary memory card (up to 32GB) , and can also monitor four analogue sensors (eg temperature), control four digital outputs and has an RS232 port as well. Please see Please Take Note.


Free downloadable source from our Library. With the EPE WIB, the possibilities are endless.


Ginormous 7-segment LED panel Meter Display


This Giant Enormous Display must be the largest we’ve ever published – seven led segments forming a 6”/ 150mm digit overall. The project has multiple uses including simple counter, up/ down seconds counter, tachometer or quadrature up/down counter.


Displays can be ganged together using a slave module, also described. Please note the Ginormous LED Display is a commercial copyrighted design requiring an ATMEL pre-programmed MCU available from EPE, and the LED digit boards are only available pre-fabricated.


Using a wideband O2 Sensor in your car (2)

This very advanced special feature describes a Wideband Controller originally intended for a Bosch wideband oxygen sensor along with our Sensor Display (Oct. 2011)  to measure air/ fuel mixtures over a broad range.  Helps with precise engine tuning and can either be permanently installed or used as a temporary monitor hooked onto the exhaust. An ideal project for the advanced automotive tuning enthusiast. This month, we show you how to build it, along with test and installation procedures.





Source code

PCB files

Please Take Note


WIB Web Server In A Box

Due to a component becoming unavailable it was necessary to make an adaptor board for an alternative SD card reader assembly. Please see the February 2012 issue for full details.


A ''Wiki' covering this project is maintained independently at


Ginormous 7-Segment Display

This project is © Copyright Ocean Controls Pty. Ltd

(Australia). Kits and pre-assembled modules are available (Kit 255, 256)


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