December 2008 Issue

A summary of this month's contents.

Programmable Christmas Star

Attractive seasonal LED design cycles through hundreds of preprogrammed twinkling and flashing patterns. PIC 12F683 based, also user programmable but you don't need to know about programming to enjoy building this design.Compact but eye-catching, our Christmas Star can be placed on a Christmas tree or hung in a window. 3V battery power, auto power-down after three hours.


Radar Speed Gun (Part 1) A microwave Doppler speed radar detector displaying in mph or kmh with 1% accuracy. Hold reading feature displays on 3-digit LED display, up to 250 kmh at a range of 200 metres. Our article also explains how Doppler speed detection works. Part 2 next month provides full constructional details.


20 Watt Class-A Amplifier Module (Part 3) A loudspeaker protection module offering audio enthusiasts power-up dethump and protection against potential amplifier failures. Originally designed for use in our Class-A Stereo Amplifier, this module can also be used in other amplifier systems.


Using the Microchip PICKit2 Debug Express: a very simple but effective capacitive touch switch is described that utilises Microchip's mTouch™ technology.


Breadboarding Projects (Part 3) Our beginner's guide to electronics continues with two more solderless projects that can easily be experimented with. This month's article shows you how to build a simple low power thermostat and a Games question timer. Solderless breadboards are the ideal way to explore electronics principles incomplete safety - so climb on board now!


Also in this issue: Ingenuity Unlimited - readers' own circuit suggestions. Techno Talk - revisiting that staple product of hobby electronics assembly - stripboard, and how to develop stripboard projects on a PC. Recycle It! - how to make a variable voltage power supply from an old mobile phone charger. Interface, our column handling aspects of PC interfacing discusses serial port compatibility issues. Circuit Surgery - nomenclature of logic device families. PIC n MIX - our popular PICmicro feature offers an OLED interface for text or graphic display applications. Net Work - our Internet column highlights the latest web browser and anti-malware products.



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PCB artwork


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