November 2008 Issue

A summary of this month's contents.

Low cost 50MHz Frequency Meter Mk2 - an upgrade of our popular compact meter (Sept 2006).

An updated design using a PIC Micro PIC16F628. Now incorporates a 10kHz rounding mode to enable 36MHz radio contol transmitters, using pulse position modulation (PPM), to be measured with an unamibiguous reading. Also includes redesigned power section for an internal battery pack or can run from a DC plugpack.


Simple Variable Boost Control for turbocharged cars

This simple circuit is designed to modify the factory boost levels of a car's turbo. It intercepts the the standard boost signal from the ECU and stretches it so the solenoid signal has a longer duty cycle. It is built on a small pcb and has only four connections to the car's electrical system.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: A Boost gauge must be fitted to your car's dashboard so that you can monitor the car's default setting full time. See also our Fuel Cut Defeater project in the same issue, needed fo this project.


Fuel Cut Defeater for cars with variable boost control.

If you're building the Variable Boost Control (Nov 2008) then you will need this simple fuel cut defeater (FCD) to eliminate the standard factory fuel cut, which typically occurs at boost levels of about 16 to 17 psi. Simple 4-wire fitting.


Breadboarding Projects Part 2: A Dark Switch and Moisture Monitor Mk 1

A new series that's ideal for beginners featuring a total of 18 easy-build projects based on solderless plug-in breadboard. Complete with all necessary diagrams to help you build the projects on a solder-free breadboard with complete confidence.


20W Class A Amplifier Amplifier (Part 2) - construction details for matching left and right-hand channel mirror-image modules, together with the circuit and construction details of the power supply.


Using the Microchip PICkit 2 Debug Express to build a Theremin

Just three extra components give the 'feel' of a Theremin electronic musical instrument.

Intended as an introduction to coding PIC projects with your PICkit 2 Debug Express Kit.


Also in this issue, Recycle It! A £10 lathe and drill press tachometer. Techno Talk offers a 'pot pourri' of unusual electronic applications. Circuit Surgery offers a deeper insight into switching inductive loads. PIC n MIX -Part 3 of interfacing PICmicros to the Internet. Net Work - the Internet column - Using Wireshark to analyse what your router is doing.



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PCB artwork


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