October 2008 Issue

A summary of this month's contents.

Class-A Amplifier Module (Part 1) — a pure Class A amplifier offering 20 watts into an 8 ohm load, with no crossover distortion at all.


Low noise levels and a greatly simplified power supply enhance this new design.


Car Air Conditioning Controller — a simple device that stops the air conditioner in your car from sapping engine power when going up hills or during overtaking, while still maintaining comfortable temperature levels inside the cabin. It's based on a PIC microcontroller and is easy to build.


Breadboarding Projects — beginner's guide to simple solder-free circuit prototyping. Part 1: Introduction - circuit tester - rain check.

A new series that's ideal for beginners featuring a total of 18 easy-build projects based on solderless plug-in breadboard.


Cordless Tool Charger Controller — protect your investment and extend the life of your power tool rechargeable batteries with this intelligent inline controller.

Many features included:

  • charging timeout
  • minimum and maximum temperature monitoring
  • dT/dt charged detection
  • over and under-temperature detection
  • adjustable timeout limit
  • optional and adjustable top-up and trickle charging
  • charging resumes after power blackout


Also in this issue: Circuit Surgery on regulator overload protection. PIC n MIX Interfacing PICmicros to the Internet. Net Work - the Internet column - on DNS and WHOIS lookups. Interface discusses D/A conversion and TechnoTalk outlines some hitherto astonishing developments in LED applications.



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