September 2008 Issue

A summary of this month's contents.

S-Video to Composite Converter — Boost your picture quality with this simple, easy to build adaptor. Some digital TV set-top boxes and TV tuner cards for PCs provide only S-Video and component video outputs, which can pose a problem if your TV set only has a composite video input - or if you've already used up the S-Video and component video inputs. Our simple to build adaptor could be the answer.


Speedo Corrector - get your electronic speedometer reading accurately with this PIC micro project. Its main uses include correcting inaccurate speedometers in standard cars, correcting errors caused by changed differential or gearbox ratios, or after modifying wheel or tyre sizes.


You must be able to access the speedometer sensor output wire or the speed signal of your car's ECU. If you can't find the correct wire, you won't be able to install this device.


This design is for advanced constructors having a very competent knowledge of vehicle electronics.


Ultrasonic Eavesdropper A low cost project that will let you listen in to the 'inaudible' sounds that extend beyond the range of human hearing. The echo-location chirps of bats are an obvious example, but you can also monitor the supersonic whine of a gas leak or possibly a tyre puncture.


Our ultrasonic detector down-shifts these inaudible frequencies to a level within the human audible range. Built-in electret microphone has record out and phones socket. Requires 12V d.c. power source.


Magnetic Pre-amp — Dust off your old vinyl collection and dub them onto CDs or MP3s using this magnetic stereo cartridge pre-amplifier.


RIAA accuracy typically within 1dB from 20Hz to 20kHz. Low noise two channel design.


Also in this issue: Techno Talk - the latest techniques for restoring colour in black and white movies. Practically Speaking - our workshop series examines working with metal and plastic boxes.


Teach-In 2008 our final article in our marathon PIC micro tutorial series by John Becker - randomising values using PICs, and a Fruit Machine!


Circuit Surgery - LED brightness and switching inductive loads. PIC n MIX - interfacing PICs to the Internet. Net Work - the Internet column - how to troubleshoot your broadband connection.




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