August 2010 Issue

A summary of this month's contents.

PIC-based Flexitimer

This easily programmed low-cost timer module offers up to 54 different timing periods, with independent on-off periods ranging from one second to over three days. One-shot or continuous modes, relay output. 12V operations.


Ultra Low Distortion 200W power amplifier (Part 1)

A truly exceptional new class-AB design using Thermatrak power transistors for maximum stability and protection.  Producing high power levels (200W into 4R, 135W into 8R) at very low distortion (rated <0.008%  from 20Hz to 20kHz @ 8 ohm).  Input sensitivity 1.26V rms, 12k. Finely-tuned double sided pcb design eliminates unwanted magnetic fields to enhance its terrific performance.


DSP Musicolour Part 4: Adding a Remote Control

With a very small PCB add-on, the DSP Musicolour can be operated via an infra-red remote control.


Special feature: Making your own PCBs

Focusing on the user-friendly Seno GS Etch-in-a-bag to make printed circuitboards.


UV Light box for PCBs

A PIC-based digital timer and UV tube set makes for an exposure unit that helps produce more consistent results. Full details of a 4-tube UV unit are included.


Also in this issue:


  • PIC n MIX - the Propeller processor
  • Interface – for PC users - Visual Basic 2010
  • Net Work – the Internet column highlights anti virus packages that fail to detect a potential threat
  • Circuit Surgery - EPE’s in-house considers potential dividers, and introduces Thévenin’s Theorem.


Source code inc updated Flextimer s/w

PCB files


DSP Musicolour final release including hex file is in the June 2010 file



Ultra-LD Power Amplifier, the circuit diagram was corrected in the September 2010 issue P.36.

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