July 2014 Issue

A summary of this month's contents.

10-channel Remote Control Receiver

This 10-channel control system can be used with any universal infra-red remote control and can even be controlled via a UHF radio link described separately. It can be used to switch up to ten relays, 12V circuits or other devices on and off (toggle mode) or for as long as a button is pressed (momentary mode).


By using a standard IR remote handset it can be ideal for controlling motors, lights, solenoids, door catches or even robots.


A 433MHz IR to UHF transceiver add-on is also described to provide radio operation instead, for times when there is no line-of-sight or greater range beyond an infra-red remote control is needed. PIC microcontroller powered, free source code downloadable from our Library.


Li’l Pulser Model Train Controller

If you are in the market for a new model train controller then this compact but feature-packed design is likely to be better than any controller you have used. Our new updated design has lots of extra features, and at 8A it can deliver considerably more current than before.


It provides pulse-power for smooth running and smooth start, has excellent low-speed control, inertia and brake simulation and more. Discrete integrated circuit design with full p.c.b. layout and interwiring diagrams included.


Experiments in Human Colour Vision

Some simple but fascinating experiments that examine our perception of colour.


Teach-In 2014 (Part 10) Raspberry Pi 

The concluding part of our terrific educational series looks at the real-time clock RTC and improving user interfaces. A full index of the ten part series is also included this month.


Audio Out with Jake Rothman

Introducing our new column dedicated largely to analogue electronic music, written by Jake Rothman known to EPE readers for various projects including his interest in Theremins.


Max’s Cool Beans Blog

Max starts work on a giant-size spectrogram, Steampunk style. Max also offers some fashion tips that involve lots of Hawaiian shirts.


Also in this issue

  • NEW Audio Out – a new column for analogue electronic music fans
  • Max's Cool Beans Blog - Max starts work on a giant-size spectrogram, Steampunk style. Max also offers some fashion tips that involve lots of Hawaiian shirts.
  • Techno Talk – how fungi can help recover gold in scrap mobile phones and circuit boards
  • Practically Speaking  – some workshop hints and tips for electronics hobbyists
  • PIC n’ Mix – revisiting the kitchen timer to re-engineer it in ‘C’.
  • Circuit Surgery – analysing batteries in parallel using Spice
  • Net Work – Windows XP’s last gasp, the Heartbleed vulnerability and Amazon Dash.


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Source code file 0714.zip *

* Updated 11 June 2014 to include PIC n MIX Kitchen timer.

* Updated 4th August 2014 to include Teach-In Part 10.


Also refer to August 2014 issue, for revised source code for the 10-Channel Remote Control Receiver. It allows the IR receiver and 433MHz UHF receiver to be installed at the same time, so that both IR and UHF remote control signals can be used.


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