July 2009 Issue

A summary of this month's contents.

Data Logging Weather Station (Part 1)

Our simple data-logging remote weather station is an ideal self-contained solution for capturing essential weather data at inaccessible locations for later analysis. It is cheap and easy to build and, powered by just two AA cells, offers up to two years of remote unattended data logging!  There are just five ICs and a handful of discretes in the simple but advanced and effective circuit. With half hourly readings the device can store a year’s worth of rainfall and temperature data.


Part 2 next month details all the necessary practical constructional details.


Remote Volume Control & Preamplifier module (Part 2)

This month’s article concludes the constructional details for our audio add-on module introduce din the June 2009 issue. Our control module works with any universal infrared remote, and features a blue 7-segment LED readout and an optional rotary encoder. Its ability to both attenuate or amplify means that it can function as a simple volume control or a high performance stereo amplifier. A must for the DIY audiophile!



This PICmicro-based logic probe fits inside an ordinary ballpoint pen case to form a handy debugging, troubleshooting and development accessory. Three-led display.  Using a surface mount PIC10F200 (soldering skills are required) this low-voltage probe is bound to find a home in the PICmicro enthusiast’s toolbox. Free source code available as usual from the EPE Online Project Library.


Solar Water Heating System Controller (Part 2)

Our new "zero carbon" PIC-controlled system was devised for managing solar heating panels. This new design offers features that you will not find on a commercial controller: it needs no mains supply, produces no CO2 output in use and is considerably cheaper than ready-made solutions. It will operate with almost any solar water system including swimming pool heating, though some minor software changes may be needed using the information provided. Assembly, testing and calibration of this zero carbon system are described this month.


Breadboarding Projects (Projects 17 and 18)

Our series of simple, low-voltage and mostly “solderless” projects can be built on plug-in breadboards. Ideal for beginners, no soldering skills are required and components can be used again and again.  We include all practical details to help you identify and utilise basic electronic components. In the July 2009 issue, an AM radio and a sound sensor are described.


Also in this issue:


  • Ingenuity Unlimited -more readers' circuits
  • Recycle It - making ana djustable loud "screamer"
  • Practically Speaking - component polarities
  • PIC n MIX - keyboard interfacing
  • Net Work - Wolfram Alpha




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