June 2008 Issue

A summary of this month's contents.

Universal High Energy LED Lighting System (Part 1) - an incredibly versatile Luxeon-compatible LED lighting system featuring easy dimming, flashing facility and automatic switch-on features - and more besides!


It runs multiple Luxeon-type LED chips and includes a rechargeable battery pack design and is suited to many applications, including cycling, camping or emergency lighting (when it can be made to power up during a power outtage). Built-in battery level indication. In Part 2, constructional details are given with suggestions for some very effective Luxeon-powered lights. PIC16F88 powered.


Starship Enterprise Door Sounder - a project to appeal to the hearts of "Trekkies" everywhere! At the closure of a set of remote switch contacts, the project creates that distinctive "sssshhhh-thump" sound effect of the sliding doors used in the USS Enterprise. Use it on sliding or ordinary doors, or on, say, a cupboard door so that you can pretend you're aboard the Enterprise, boldly going where no man has gone before! Built-in audio amplifier and direct loudspeaker drive.


Our project article fully describes the circuit, construction and assembly of the PCB. It is based on a kit of parts that is commercially available by mail order only from Jaycar Electronics and which contains the specially pre-programmed HK828 sound effect chip.


Monopoly Money - an electronic answer to the age old problem of handling paper money in games of Monopoly. This digital keypad/ display set allows up to four players to know their bank balance, transfer some or all of it to another player and be prohibited from becoming overdrawn. Separate "Banker's" station also provided.


Based on readily available PS/2 computer connection leads. PIC 16F873 powered.


Mini Theremin (Part 2) - the concluding article describes the full constructional details of our latest Theremin project. All diagrams are included in full colour with colour photographs to enable you to build this design with confidence.


Also in the June 2008 issue of Everyday Practical Electronics magazine:

  • Techno Talk - on power reduction and environmental trends in the electronics industry
  • Interface - for computer users - USB port interfacing methods
  • Circuit Surgery - more on ground (earth) loops
  • PIC 'n MIX - controlling matrixed LEDs at constant brilliance
  • Net Work - our Internet column on BBC iPlayer and broadband supply trends.



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