May 2008 Issue

A summary of this month's contents.

Studio Series Preamplifier - Installing the modules. We round off our 'studio series' audio project with full assembly details for installing the high performance modules into a professional quality case.


Included as always are full interwiring and assembly details, helped by full colour crystal clear diagrams to enable you to construct this EPE project with complete confidence.


Electric Mobility Buggy Monitor - intended for any small wheeled vehicle, such as an electric buggy or golf cart, this device monitors the distance travelled, current speed, elapsed time, total distance ever travelled (odometer) and ambient temperature.


The unit has been designed so that it can readily be set for wheel diameters from less than 150mm to over 610mm.


The Electric Mobility Buggy Monitor would turn out to be Technical Editor John Becker's penultimate constructional article for readers before his sad loss.- ARW


Mini Theremin (Part 1) - our latest iteration of the ever-popular Theremin electronic musical instrument. Using two antennae to control pitch and volume, many magical sounds and musical effects can be created by the player moving their hands and fingers in the vicinity of the controls. Many old sci-fi sound effects can be produced with this versatile and unique instrument.


Main features:

  • External pitch and volume span adjustments
  • Linear pitch change with hand movement over four octaves
  • Linear volume control with hand movement
  • Three distinct sound "voices"
  • Internal speaker with listening output
  • Line output with mute switch for external amp

In Part 2 next month, testing and setting up of the Mini Theremin are described.


Teach-In 2008 (Part 7) - our unique flagship tutorial series for beginners continues with further explorations of the PIC microcontroller. This month: using the additional memory banks, plus PCLATH.


Also this month - PC-controlled burglar alarm (Part 2) - keypad and testing/ setting up. Techno-Talk describes trends that are influencing the future development of electronics, and discusses some "ball lightning" incidents. Practically Speaking - more workshop techniques. Circuit Surgery - Ground and Earth Loops. Net Work - getting a better broadband deal.



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PCB artwork


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