April 2008 Issue

A summary of this month's contents.

MIDI Activity Detector — if you build, repair or regularly set up MIDI systems, then this useful accessory is for you! This quick and easy gadget helps with diagnostics and troubleshooting of MIDI setups. Opto isolated input, PICmicro 16F627 assisted and easy to build.


PICmicro In-Circuit Programming Add-On — Does your PIC programmer have provision for in-circuit programming? Some don't (e.g. the Microchip PICStart Plus), but by adding this simple EPE add-on, your programmer can at last benefit from this extra functionality.


Studio Series Remote Control Module — add the remote control of volume and source selection to your Studio Series Stereo Preamplifier (Feb 2008) issue . Uses any universal infrared remote. As a bonus, we've added support for an audiophile-grade potentiometer, for those who want the best. An ATMEL microcontroller based project.


PC-Controlled Burglar Alarm System (Part 1) — a full featured alarm control panel with dialler capabilities. Programmed and controlled via a PC and can handle up to eight N/O or N/C zones. The PC only needs to be powered up for arming and disarming, or you can use an optional keypad. Main features include, battery backup, Windows 9x - XP software; entry / exit timers, data logging with save, open and print facilities.


Teach-In 2008: our tutorial series on PIC microcontrollers (Part 6) continues with more lessons and demonstrations of a 24 hour clock, and frequency generation, including an experimental circuit for an automatic music box.


Also in the April 2008 issue: Techno Talk: what's new in the world of optical fibres. Interface - our PC column looks at the basics of USB interfacing. Circuit Surgery on current mirrors and driving multiple LEDs. PIC n MIX discussed how to include a real time clock (RTC) feature in a PIC micro project. Net Work - the Internet column discusses falling broadband speeds.




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