January 2012 Issue

A summary of this month's contents.

GPS Car Computer (Part 1)

This sophisticated project captures and displays a range of parameters in your car, using a GPS module to provide speed information in real-time, as well as over-speed alarm, fuel economy, distance and time to destination, altitude, latitude & longitude and compass bearing.

Note that this project is not a “sat nav” design but data can be sent to your laptop via the built-in USB for interpretation by navigation and mapping software. Flash upgradeable, auto LCD brightness. PIC 18F4550-based. In Part 2 next month, the operation of the GPS Car Computer is described.


Web Server In A Box (Part 2)

This incredibly popular project has been a real smash hit with EPE readers everywhere. A brilliant constructional project for networking enthusiasts, our Web Server In A Box (WIB) hooks up to a router and permits you to host hundreds or thousands of pages or files, easily accessible in a web page. The WIB  utilises an ordinary SD memory card (up to 32GB) , and can also monitor four analogue sensors (eg temperature), control four digital outputs and has an RS232 port as well. Free downloadable source from our Library. With the EPE WIB, the possibilities are endless. This month we show how to connect the server to your router, with step-by-step setup details.


Balanced output board for Stereo DAC

This add-on board will provide a pair of balanced outputs for the High-Quality Stereo DAC (EPE Sept-Nov 2011).

Two 3-pin male XLR  connectors are used for the new balanced outputs, and they can either replace or augment the existing stereo outputs without affecting their performance.


Wind Beacon


Recycle it! - how to build a wind-powered beacon from a small scrap motor and model aircraft propeller. An LED flashing beacon is described next month.


Also in this month’s EPE:

  •  Techno Talk describes the “potential problems” that switched mode power packs designed for the USA can create with UK electronics.
  • Net Work – some considerations when buying some server space, and more on Amazon’s online shopping with some discount-seeking web sites.
  • Practically Speaking  -- more workshop hints and tips from one of the hobby’s most respected authors and constructors
  • Circuit Surgery – an in-depth walk-through of the issues surrounding digital sine-wave generation, including an LT Spice simulation.
  • Ingenuity Unlimited – readers’ own circuit ideas.


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