January 2008 Issue

A summary of this month's contents.

PIC Carillon

A digital bell-ringing musical unit that plays individual bell-like tones, using the multiple harmonics of sinewaves to give the tonality expected from bells. Complete with the decay of each tone. In basic form this is a monophonic design but can be modified to form a polyphonic effect. Can be interfaced with the PIC Polyphonium (April-May 07) and experimentally with the StyloPIC of July 2002.


Serial I/O Controller and analog sampler

Can be programmed to switch relays dependent on voltage, resistance, temperature and digital signals. Free powerful software runs on a Windows PC. PIC 16F877A based.

  • 10 bit input port 0-16V
  • High current 10-bit output port
  • 0-5V and 0-25V analog voltage inputs
  • Temperature and light sensing inputs
  • Serial Interface (2400 bps, inverted)
  • 32 bit Windows software
  • Full function spreadsheet logger
  • Oscilloscope-style analog graph plotter


Phone/ Fax Missed Call Alert









Lights an LED and latches a relay for remote signalling of when a call has been received. Traditional discrete logic design.

Note that the Missed Call Alert is not BT Approved. It is fully opto-isolated and if built as described the Missed Call Alert may be connected to a PSTN line with complete safety.


Midi Drum Kit (Part 2)


The second part describing the completion of our fabulous low cost "drum kit" that can produce just about any musical sound you can think of. There's no drum skin in sight and you don't even need to buy a pair of drumsticks! USB operation possible via a serial to USB converter. Too many more features to list here! A superb design for the MIDI enthusiast.


Teach-In 2008 (Part 3) - more PIC control concepts. Please see March 2008 issue (Page 57) for an update on Listing 3.1


  • Circuit Surgery on SPICE Simulation - difficulties
  • PIC n MIX - writing to Flash
  • Practically Speaking - selecting and buying project components
  • Net Work - the Internet column - cracking IE Defender malware; MS Word's hidden depths



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