January 2007 Issue

A summary of this month's contents.

Balanced Microphone Preamp — our design is suitable for PA, Karaoke and many other applications. It includes a 3-band equaliser and can run from a mains adaptor, 9V battery or phantom power. Full specification and constructional details are included in our comprehensive article.


Jumping Spider Novelty — this electronic appendage will energise (in more ways than one) your favourite giant-sized rubbery spider at the press of a button. The Jumping Spider is a small, self contained unit with no moving parts, with the exception of a small electromagnet that moves inside when a button is closed. Designed as an electronic version of the traditional inflatable toy spider that jumps when a rubber bulb is squeezed. Put the mockers on your mother-in-law with our arachnoidal accessory!


High-Efficiency PSU for 1W Luxeon Star LEDs — Looking for a highly-efficient switch mode power supply to run a 1W Luxeon Star LED from batteries? This easy to build design lets you use a pair of 1.5V D cells and includes a brightness control to extend further the battery life. Uses a MAX1676 step-up DC converter chip.


12V Deep Cycle Battery Charger (Part 1) — a sophisticated unit that is specially designed for deep cycle batteries and will charge at up to 16.6 Amps. Treated correctly, they will last for 10 years or more, but if deep-cycle battery are improperly charged, they will fail to deliver their full capacity and their life will also be shortened. Suitable for 12V and 6V lead acid batteries. LCD digital display shows charging phase and settings. Built-in temperature, voltage and current metering. Battery temperature compensation. Four preset battery chemistry settings.


Also in this issue: "C" for PICs Part 3 - our hugely popular series offers you more programming hints and tips. Circuit Surgery provides a comprehensive introduction to using power MOSFETs in your projects. Techno-Talk on the exploitation of lightning for practical research. PIC n MIX - implementing a software PLL for serious users of PIC microcontrollers (Part 1). Net Work (the Internet page) introduces Microsoft's latest browser, Internet Explorer 7. All this in your favourite hobby electronics magazine!




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