Read EPE PDF Version on your Windows PC, or Pocketmags edition on a tablet or mobile device!


EPE was the first UK newsstand magazine to offer a downloadable edition back in 1998.


Windows users can once again enjoy reading EPE PDF Version for viewing on your Windows PC or laptop. You can also download a digital copy on many popular mobile devices, thanks to the Pocketmags digital platform.



Great news! From September 2013 issue a PDF version of EPE is re-launched that can be viewed by Windows users with Adobe Reader for Windows. Subscribers can once again download and archive their PDFs onto hard disk. EPE PDF Version includes two licences, so you can view PDFs on a PC and also a laptop, for example. Best of all, EPE PDF Version is available at an irresistible price!


Free Pocketmags apps for Apple iPad, Android, Windows 8, Kindle Fire and more


From the January 2013 issue, EPE became available on Pocketmags, a digital magazine newsstand where you can buy single issues or subscriptions from a wide range of free and paid-for magazines including EPE, from across the globe.


A single purchase on Pocketmags gives readers access to their digital editions with free apps running on popular tablets and mobile devices. Pocketmaps apps are compatible with Apple iPad®, iPhone®, Windows 8 devices, Android®, Blackberry Playbook and Amazon Kindle® Fire.


Should readers have any queries regarding the PocketMags software please email the Pocketmags Help Desk.



EPE PDF Version

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. How do I subscribe to EPE PDF Version?

A. You can buy a money-saving 6 or 12 month subscription to EPE PDF Version here. You can pay online via our secure server and subscriptions start with the next available issue.


Remember to use your current working E-mail address in your order, because that's where important download information will be sent. Please keep those details safe, as you'll need to use them every month to download your subscription.


Q2. What are the minimum system requirements for EPE PDF Version?

A. You must be running a Windows system (XP - W8) and you must have Adobe Reader for Windows installed. Currently EPE PDF Version will not work in any other PDF reader nor on any platform other than Windows.


Q3. How do I open the PDFs?

A. You'll receive links to download them monthly from the web. We also supply a special plug-in for Adobe Reader for Windows, which you'll need to install to open your PDFs. You only have to do that once. You can then download, save and view your PDFs offline on up to two machines, e.g a home PC and a laptop when travelling.


Q4. What if I lose my PDFs accidentally?

A. We can resupply them to you. Please contact us.


Q5. What if I buy a new computer? Can I transfer my existing EPE PDF Version license(s) to it?

A. Simply enter your username and password on the new computer. If you have used up your quota (2 licenses are included), please contact us for a replacement.


Q6. How do I subscribe to EPE Pocketmags?

A. You can visit the Pocketmags website here. Pocketmags is responsible for hosting this version.


Q7. What is the difference between EPE PDF Version and the Pocketmags version?

A. Pocketmags relies on having an Internet connection to view EPE online in ebook style. It's also compatible with several platforms. At the current time you can also try the Offline Reader for Windows - available from the PocketMags website. It lets you download your copy onto your computer, and read and print pages later, without an Internet connection. The Offline Reader is a Beta version.


EPE PDF Version is an exact copy of EPE printed edition that you download as a PDF. You need a PC or laptop with Adobe Reader for Windows to read it like any other PDF. A one-time plug-in for Adobe Reader is also supplied by us. You can save PDFs to hard disk for future reference.


Q8. I assume that all of the digital copies I purchase from Pocketmags will be available to me forever, so that if I want to refer to an article that was published five years ago will it still be available online?

A. Yes, purchased copies will always be available. You can delete and re-download again magazines held in your account. There is no longer a need to back them up. Rest assured we know that readers are passionate about their magazine collection and should anything ever change with PocketMags we will take any necessary steps to make sure readers will still have access to their copies.


Q9. The whole idea of a digital subscription was so that I could read on my laptop during commutes and travel when no reliable Internet was available, and to have a digital archive for when an article refers to a previous project. Please tell me there is a download option!

A. Yes there is - you can now subscribe to EPE PDF Version for Windows.monitor


Q10. I hope that I can still get the software and firmware that I will need for projects. I do not just want to read on screen.

A. Of course! EPE software and project firmware will still be available in the normal way from the Library of our website.


Q11. Can I transfer the balance of my Pocketmags subscription to EPE PDF Version?

A. We will arrange this on an individual basis. Please contact us.


Q12. How do I obtain a hard (printed) copy instead?

A. Please see our Subscriptions page for details.


The above information is for guidance only and is subject to revision without notice.




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