Projects in the December 1999 issue of EPE Magazine
Teach-In 2000 Part 2 - Our flagship electronics tutorial series is ideal for younger students or those wishing to train (or re-train) in electronics. It provides a practical way in which electronics fundamentals can be explored, and by using the free interactive BASIC program which accompanies the series, computer users can develop their skills even further.
PIC Micro-Probe
This handy gadget helps debug most PIC-based projects, by listening for any valid debug words generated by embedding special "target" code in the application, in order to flag output pins. Designed for programs being assembled through MPASM
Magnetic Field Detector
This easy starter project is perfect for beginners to try their hands at electronic project construction. It detects fixed magnetic fields and displays a simple reading on a meter, or those that vary at audio frequencies, sounding via a crystal earphone. Based on the UGN3503U Hall Effect Sensor, our project also introduces readers to the Hall Effect principle.
Ginormous Stopwatch
(Part 2) Our Giant Enormous Stopwatch described last month, can be upgraded to include a large l.e.d. display, each digit being 7" high! Perfect for quiz matches, public events, sports, competitions, etc.
Has the light been left on? The Loft (attic) Guard is a compact battery-powered alarm which sounds when the electric light in the loft has been left on accidentally. A lofty way to keep your power bills low, it saves electricity and money!