Projects in the December 1998 issue of EPE Magazine
- an easy to use mind entrainment/ relaxation unit by Andy Flind. A modern PIC-powered version of the hugely successful Mind Machines.Not suitable for epilepsy sufferers: the warning notices contained within the article must be followed closely.
Fading Christmas Lights
- a PIC-powered controller which provides a sophisticated "fading" display for fairy lights, but can equally be used for party light-shows, exhibitions and more besides. Three-channel suppressed triac output.
Handheld Function Generator
Sine, triangle and square wave signals are always to hand with this audio-range mini signal generator. <50Hz to 20kHz range, 3V d.c. power source.

Damp-Stat Electronic Thermostat by Andy Flind - a controller to help combat rising damp. Use in conjunction with the T-Stat Electronic Thermostat in the November 98 issue.