Projects in the December 2006 issue of EPE Magazine

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USB Power Injector — designed to feed extra power into your PC's USB line, controlled automatically by the PC so that your peripheral will power on and off just as if it were powered directly by the PC. Intended for power-hungry USB peripherals that need more power than a typical USB hub can provide. Mains adaptor powered.
RGB to Component Video Converter — You've just tried to hook up your new widescreen TV, and you find a problem: your new TV set has Y/Cb/Cr component video inputs while your digital set-top box only provides high quality RGB signals! There's no need to sacrifice picture quality if you build our low-cost RGB to Component Video Converter. Full constructional details are provided in this month's article.

Mind Trainer — exercise your mind in an enjoyable way! Our PIC powered puzzle is quite simple in principle but requires a good deal of thought. It's based on an old brain-testing game normally played with coloured pegs (similar to the classic 'Mastermind' game). Two players are required, one of them being a 'dummy' — in this case, you pit your wits against a PICmicro microcontroller.

Lapel Microphone Adaptor for PA systems. This simple adaptor permits commonly-available electret lapel and headset microphones to be used with public address (PA) systems. It features a balanced output and is built into a compact case for clipping to a belt or slipped inside a pocket. Battery powered. Muting facility.

Also in this issue: Techno Talk explodes some myths surrounding recent materials "health 'n' safety" regulations. PIC 'n' MIX: on using multimedia cards (MMCs) with PIC microcontrollers. 'C' for PICs (Part 2) - how to create programs. Circut Surgery - rounding up our in-depth analysis of 555 timing formulae. Net Work - the Internet Page - on using wireless IP cameras to protect your property. All this and much more in your favourite electronics magazine! Subscribe now or buy an issue from our Online Store.