Projects in the December 2005 issue of EPE Magazine

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Teach-In 2006 is out now! EPE is famous for its educational electronics series, and Teach-In 2006 starting in the November 2005 issue is a great new 10-part tutorial written specially for beginners in electronics. No prior knowledge is assumed. Special online test available – and the chance to win a valuable prize. Sponsored by Rapid Electronics.

December 2005 Part Two: Circuit diagrams, series and parallel circuits, basic measurements, Kirchhoff's Laws, power and energy, circuit construction techniques.

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Propeller Monitor - checks the power delivery and revs of a propeller, useful for model R/C aircraft or boat enthusiasts. This PIC based project includes an LCD display and has a unique electromagnetic system for meauring the force delivered by the unit under test. An essential accessory for radio control enthusiasts. Free source code available from our Downloads area.
Vehicle Frost Box Mk 2 - for winter driving conditions, this PIC based device warns motorists of possibly icy road conditions. Uses a silicon diode as a temperature sensor. Bicolour LED output flashes when dangerous conditions have been detected. Free source code available from our Downloads area.

Solid-State Valve PSU - a low voltage converter to supply valve (vacuum tube) equipment. Can supply up to 200V at 100mA plus 6V @ 1A from a low voltage DC source such as a lead acid battery.


Solid State Hammond - add moving spatial ambience to your stereo with this solid state audio effects unit. Our full constructional project appears to shift sounds and tones around a room, and therefore to a limited extent imitates the famous Hammond organ effect. Built-in audio mono amplifier. Highly adaptable design.

ALSO IN THIS ISSUE: Ingenuity Unlimited, readers' own circuits. Techno Talk on trends in IPTV. Circuit Surgery on transistor amplifier gain and impedance calculations. Net Work - the Internet column recommends a free virus check for your PC. Interface for PC users, adding more inputs to an A/D converter.

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