Projects in the December 2004 issue of EPE Magazine

Simple Wind Direction Indicator - an inexpensive weather monitoring system, this design was originally devised for yachtsmen but could equally form part of any amateur weather monitoring station. Our new design uses a 4-bit Gray Coded shaft encoder with Gray to Binary decoder/ driver, to display on a circle of l.e.d.s the prevailing wind direction. Our illustrated project (see photo) used a boat-outline with the l.e.d. lighting positioned 'invisibly' underneath to shine through. Article gives an excellent description of Gray Code, used to digitise rotation into an electronic code.

Super Vibration Switch - a device that is so sensitive that even a dropping pin can trigger it! This super-sensitive design uses a piezo disc element as a transducer, with amplifier and triggering to activate a heavy duty relay. Adjustable sensitivity, safe low voltage operation. A perfect project for beginners as well.

Versatile PIC Flasher Mk 2 - an updated version of the original PIC Flasher (Dec. 02), this has an enhanced output driver section allowing more LED's to be powered. The new design also introduces a modulation feature which makes the light display respond to stimulation, including temperature, sound, movement and light.

You can produce highly attractive and unusual displays with this updated design. The article also describes the latest developments in super-bright high powered LEDs that will find their way into car headlights. An interesting update on state of the art opto-electronics.

Smart Karts (3) - continuing the construction and setup of our intelligent buggy, with the addition of bumpers, a light sensor and proximity detector. The Smart Kart is endlessly adaptable and forms the ideal experimental platform for those wishing to explore the world of PIC microcontroller-powered robot buggies.

Also in this issue:

  • Light-emitting Diodes (4) LED Drivers and unusual uses!
  • Ingenuity Unlimited - Simple MW Radio, PC Keyboard tester
  • Techno Talk - How VoIP is transforming the telephone network
  • Circuit Surgery - commencing a short series on the Universal Serial Bus (USB) - a first in EPE.
  • Interface - simple voltage control with your PC
  • PIC n MIX - more PIC devices for Toolkit TK3 : 12F629/ 75