Projects in the December 2002 issue of EPE Magazine
PIC Flasher no self-respecting December issue is ever complete without this year's latest design for an electronic Christmas decoration, and our PIC Flasher will fit the bill precisely! "Yule" love the intriguing effects that this multi-mode unit will produce. Safe low voltage design for powering up to 8 channels of l.e.d.s. Effects programmable via DIP switch. Full constructional details provided, free PIC source code available from our download area.
EPE Hybrid Computer (Part 2) — Real-time computation of complex system behaviour is greatly simplified by combining analogue and digital processing techniques — and that's exactly what we've done in this new Analogue Computer design. Part 2 provides the remaining constructional details, plus guidance on how to simulate real-world engineering problems. Full step-by-step details are provided in our two-part series, along with free programs to demonstrate its effectiveness.
Door Defender — the next best thing to having your own fully-armed member of the Coldstream Guards on standy-by, the Door Defender is a simple to build (4000 CMOS) self-contained mini alarm that will warn when a door is opened. Keyswitch protection, portable, battery operation. An ideal beginner's project, it will guard medicine cupboards, outdoor sheds and of course the front or back doors to your home.
PICAXE Projects (Part 2) — Temperature Sensor, Voltage Sensor and VU Indicator. PICaxe is a great new way to introduce yourself to the world of PIC microcontrollers. We use modified PIC16F627 devices that can be programmed in BASIC. They do not need special programming hardware and they can be programmed through a PC serial link.

Also in this issue: Alternative Uses for Transistors - other intriguing ways in which they can be applied; Circuit Surgery gives you the low-down on a.c. motors and how to measure high-side and low-side currents with op.amps. New Technology Update: "Spin transistors" and their applications in non-volatile memory or magnetic sensors; Net Work looks at WorldSpace digital satellite radio; Interface - our PC interface column - guides you on choosing and using Visual BASIC.