Projects in the November 1999 issue of EPE Magazine
Teach-In 2000 is our flagship educational series which covers everything (almost!) that a novice needs to learn about electronics. Our series includes practical solderless experiments and interactive computer simulations to help you understand all the basic principles of electronics. The first in a 10-part series, don't miss this unique introduction to the fascinating world of modern electronics! Part 1 this month deals with resistors and their colour codes. Experiments include simple l.e.d. tests and resistance measurements using a multimeter. Software (DOS/ QBASIC) for the IBM-compatible PC is available free from here or the EPE file area on our FTP site. [LEGACY FILE FOR REFERENCE ONLY]

Demister One-Shot
Specially for the motorist, this heated rear screen timer will help save the car battery from winter's ravages by switching it off automatically, and perhaps improve fuel consumption a little too! Easy to build, based around a custom automotive timer i.c.

In the December 1999 issue (P. 882), we said that on P.844, Fig. 4, on the p.c.b. component layout diagram, the "body" outlines of capacitors C1 and C2 should be transposed - see photo at the top of page 845. The electrolytic shown as a circle, should connect to the IC1 pin 8 copper track (+) and the common GND (-) track. The actual annotations are correct.

Ginormous Stopwatch (Part 1)
This events timer is crystal controlled and has a built-in l.c.d. display and a remote display with BIG digits, plus optional radio-controlled stop-start gating. It's ideal for sporting events where it will display periods up to ten hours with a resolution of 1/100th second. Keen hobbyists can interface the unit for their own purposes.

Acoustic Probe
You'll love this audio "telescope" or stethescope project which investigates distant or low-level sounds. Another project ideal for beginners, this safe battery-powered circuit uses a tiny electret microphone capsule together with earphones.

Practical Oscillator Designs (5) - Crystal Oscillators
This brilliantly written, authoritative series has received much praise from readers. It continues with another hands-on practical guide, this time looking at crystal oscillators, with worked examples and much practical guidance. Don't miss this exceptional insight into the often overlooked but all-important world of oscillator design.

This multi-purpose vibration-triggered alarm has remarkable sensitivity, thanks to the use of a special bi-morph element (a piezo-electric strip which is highly sensitive to mechanical shock). The resultant signal is amplified and then triggers an audio alarm.

Practically Speaking looks at the beginner's guide to using integrated circuits - which way round do they go? Circuit Surgery examines conductivity, resistivity, protecting your modem from lightning strikes and more. New Technology Update - reporting how copper based interconnections in i.c.s increase their speed. Net Work - the Internet column warns of the latest viruses and the world's most popular chat program - ICQ.