Projects in the November 1998 issue of EPE Magazine
T-Stat Electronic Thermostat
- a precision electronic thermostat controls room heaters up to 3kW. Triac output (optional relay output also described). Also see the DampStat (December 98).

PhizzyB Computers by Clive "Max" Maxfield and Alvin Brown
- a brand new series on understanding computers, using the PhizzyB Simulator on a PC and a hardware PhizzyB to interact in the real world. Demo version included on the cover-mounted CD ROM, free in the November 98 issue. Each monthly PhizzyB article consists of a tutorial which uses your PC and your hardware PhizzyB, plus a constructional article written by EPE's own Alan Winstanley. The series is specially suitable for those who wish to learn about computer hardware operation. All practical details are included.

Please note, the PhizzyB hardware is now almost obsolete, with few kits or MCU chips remaining. Please check all parts are available before commencing construction.

5-Way IR Remote Control
- increase your control options with our 15-way coded IR transmitter and receiver system.

In the January 1999 edition (P. 34) we stated that supplies of the Holtek HT12B chip appeared to have dried up very quickly. FLM Electronics of Bedale, North Yorkshire DL8 2BR were said to be able to supply.

EPE PIC Tape Measure
- a digital display ulrasonic tape measure. Near-object mask function, memory capability. Displays metric and imperial readings.