Projects in the November 2006 issue of EPE Magazine

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Giant LED Message Display — an extensible moving message display using ready-made 5x7 LED modules, capable of powering up to 128 interlocking 52mm high modules, measuring nearly 5 metres in length! Shows both animated and static messages containing text or graphics. Powerful free Windows software (available here) allows for programming via a PC RS232 port. Non-volatile memory retains programming even after power down. Our fully detailed article shows all constructional details in full colour.

Quick Brake — A novel and ingenious safety accessory for your car, using the Quick Brake means your stop lamps come on faster than you could ever apply them. LED brake lights, as opposed to filament bulbs can provide an even earlier warning of braking because LEDs illuminate instantaneously: a 200 millisecond improvement offers 5.4 metres extra road space at 60 mph.

The Quick Brake operates brake lights when you very rapidly lift your foot off the throttle. It. reduces the brake light turn-on time by 200ms, working in conjunction with throttle sensors having a 0-5V output. The system is fully adjustable for your car setup, to respond to very fast throttle lifts, the sort that are usually immediately followed by an application of the brakes.. Based on standard discrete components. Relay output.

With Quick Brake, the brake lights come on so fast that you suddenly realise that the pause between deceleration and braking that normally occurs is quite clearly able to be seen, even from outside the car!

Micropower Battery Protector — protect your expensive batteries with this electronic cutout. It uses a special micropower chip and can be built to suit a wide variety of voltages. Most battery circuits provide no mechanism for disconnecting the batteries when they're exhausted. This can cause irreparable damage depending on the battery type.

Our project ensures that batteries are not flattened to destruction. Useful for many rechargeable projects, and float-charged equipment. Automatically reconnects the load when battery is recharged. Ultra low power consumption (< 20 µA). 10A maximum rating, suitable for 4V8 - 12V5 batteries.

Studio 350W Power Amp Module Part 2. The concluding part of this superb low distortion amplifier module deals with printed circuit board assembly, constructional details and interwiring. A real treat for audio enthusiasts, a purely-designed amplifier circuit not to be missed!

Also in this issue

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