Projects in the November 2005 issue of EPE Magazine

Teach-In 2006 is out now! EPE is famous for its educational electronics series, and Teach-In 2006 starting in the November 2005 issue is a great new 10-part tutorial written specially for beginners in electronics. No prior knowledge is assumed. Special online test available – and the chance to win a valuable prize. Sponsored by Rapid Electronics.

Part One: Multiples, atoms, electrons, current, voltage, resistors and Ohm’s Law, batteries, switches.

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Speed Camera Watch Mk.2 An updated version of the original project (Jan 05), this GPS-based system improves driver safety awareness by warning of speed camera locations. Incorporates a backlightable LCD, audible excess speed alert, and downloadable database via the built in RS232 serial port. Expanded memory now records up to 10,000 locations. Incorporates Holux GPS module. Free source code available fromour Downloads page. The database can be upgraded by checking the databases at

Please Take Note : in Fig. 4 connector 1 pin 1 (not pin 7) should go to PCB JP9 pin 6. (Ref EPE Jan 2006 p 9)


PIC Chromatone – a Colour-to-Sound modulator that gives a fresh new twist on traditional sound to light systems! This PIC powered project uses a series of optosensors to filter light into RGB channels, which then generates a unique tone covering several octaves. Free source code available fromour Downloads page.

Multi Function R/C Switch – a four channel switcher for your radio controlled models. Controls four relays from a 4-way joystick. Can be used to operate extra functions, accessories or special effects.

Back To Basics (8) Simple CMOS logic circuits, ideal for beginners. Noughts and Crosses [Tic Tac Toe] Enigma; Weather Vane Repeater.

Also in this issue: Techno Talk - "tardic" antennas and metamaterialism - PIC n MIX, our regular PIC page, Circuit Surgery on analog switch i.c.s; Net Work - the Internet page - more hints and tips. All this and more in the favourite hobby electronics magazine.

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