Projects in the October 1998 issue of EPE Magazine
Voice Processor
Project by Terry de Vaux-Balbirnie, this sound-bender unit adds pitch up/down, vibrato and robotic effects to microphone signals. Based on Holtek's HT8950 modulator chip. Easy to build, battery operated project. Simple push switch selection of effects.

Reliable Infra-Red Remote Control
- general-purpose Infra Red Transmitter, based on the Holtek HT12B chip. Variations are described, including beam-break and momentary transmitters.

In the January 1999 edition (P. 34) we stated that supplies of the Holtek HT12B chip appeared to have dried up very quickly. FLM Electronics of Bedale, North Yorkshire DL8 2BR were said to be able to supply.

Digiserv R/C Channel Expander
PIC-powered, adds ten extra on-off channels to 2-channel radio-control systems. Very simple to build, source code available free from our FTP site here.

Easy PCB Making - modern alternative methods to make your own boards at home easily. Describes various systems including PnP Blue, flat-bed plotters, and lots of practical advice for the beginner.
Using LM335 and LM35 sensors - Andy Flind gives the low-down of these popular temperature chips.


PC Capacitance Meter
You can put your PC to practical use with this simple piece of test equipment which measures capacitance up to 10.24µF. Requires bidirectional printer port (or parallel card) and GW BASIC or QBASIC. Simple to construct on stripboard. Simple program listing available from our FTP site here.

We listed in the May 1999 issue (P. 335) a new program, which the author advised is slightly more up to date than the one previously published.