Projects in the October 2005 issue of EPE Magazine

Halloween Howler — pump up your Halloween pumpkin with EPE's microcontroller technology! Now you can add custom sound effects based on your WAV audio files, stored in an onboard EEPROM. This PIC micro project is adaptable for other applications, and includes a light-activated sensor to automatically active the sounds. Also includes flashing eye effects.

PIC Based USB Interface — allows existing RS232 based devices to be controlled by Windows 2000/ XP systems via the Universal Serial Bus. Powered by USB bus. Full constructional details and software setup details are included in this comprehensive constructional article.
Photic Phone — using a single ultra-bright l.e.d, this simple low cost, high security optical voice link allows you to communicate over a range of up to 15 metres or more. A built-in microphone modulates a high-brightness l.e.d. in the transmitter, and a photodiode in the receiver converts the invisible light beam back into an audio signal. Built-in amplifier drives a loudspeaker directly.

Back to Basics (7): Car Parking "Radar" and Telephone Switcher. Simple, easy to build projects using standard CMOS logic chips. Ultarsonic car reversing aid, and basic telephone-activated remote control.

Also in this issue:

  • Techno Talk - righting some wrongs in the recorded history of electronic development
  • Ingenuity Unlimited - readers' own circuit suggestions
  • Net Work - the Internet column on spyware solutions
  • Circuit Surgery describes chopper amplifier principles
  • Exclusive! Introducing the Virtual DIY Calculator - learn how computers domaths without making your brain ache!

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