Projects in the October 2004 issue of EPE Magazine
EPE Theremin - An updated version of Leon Theremin's 1920's classic electronic musical instrument, that uses two aerials (antennae) to control pitch and volume. By waving your hands nearby, hand capacitance can be used to play the instrument. Produces many weird and wonderful sounds. Battery operated.
Moon and Tide Clock Calendar- A PIC-powered project combined with a Graphics LCD to depict the Moon's wax and wane, tidal ebb and flow, and time and date. The article also gives the full background for the calculations used in processing the data. This project also illustrates how a cheap PS/2 keyboard can be interfaced to a PIC microcontroller to enable the project's settings to be adjusted without the need for separate switches.
Volts Checker - a handy tester suitable for universal a.c and d.c supplies. A high voltage transistor circuit coupled with an ordinary l.e.d. and a few small components form a simple circuit capable of detecting any voltage from 3V to 240V r.m.s. Ideal for automotive or general electrical work, this useful device should have a place in every hobbyist's toolbox.

Smart Karts (1) Basic Construction. Commencing the construction of a PIC-based mobile buggy with various sensors and actuators. Can be tailored to your needs. The basic SmartKart has a pair of infra red sensors, l.e.d.s and a bleeper to give it some character. Directional control by means of two d.c. drive motors, which (later) have variable speed control. The Smart Kart system uses a multi-tier approach, assembly being divided into "decks". Full constructional details are provided in our comprehensive article.


  • Free Robots Supplement, a short-form listing of what's available from suppliers of robotics, buggies and other automated goodies for the hobbyist. Plus, internet links of global suppliers of robotics.
  • Light-Emitting Diodes - Operations & Applications (2).
  • TechnoTalk - coping with telephone bandwidth choices.
  • Interface - Introducing VB.Net and VB2005 Express
  • Net Work - The Internet column - how to register and use a domain name for yourself.
  • Ingenuity Unlimite d- readers' own circuit ideas. ** PLEASE TAKE NOTE: page 695, Fig. 3 Capacitor C1 should be 10nF and not 100nF as shown. ** (See Nov. 2004 issue page 803)  The author of the LED Rorch advises his intention is for D7 anode in Fig 1b to go to D2 cathode in Fig 1a not to +6V, and that the circuit is intended for white l.e.d.s. (See Feb 2005, P 136.)
  • PIC n MIX - HEX files reopened
  • Circuit Surgery - component marking of resistors. Electrical safety & first aid.
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