Projects in the October 2003 issue of EPE Magazine

RC Car Wars - It's a bit like Robot Wars, but without the expense or destruction! Our radio-controlled Cars Wars is designed to equip a pair of inexpensive RC cars with simple electronic circuitry that enables you to duel to the death. Hit your opponent's car three times and you win! Easy to build stripboard design, sure to entertain youngsters and hobbyists alike.

Serial Interface for PICs and VB6 - Introducing our serial hardware plus stand-alone licence-free OCX software. This project allows developers to interface a PIC-powered project to a PC D-type serial port. Design includes an interface board together with an ActiveX control (OCX) suitable for use with all versions of Visual Basic 6. Runs on Windows 95 through XP. Full details of construction, installation and operation are given in our detailed article, a must for PIC users everywhere.

Practical Radio Circuits (Part 5) - Our top quality instructional series continues with the description and assembly details for a highly sensitive receiving system. A Quartz Crystal marker is described plus a Super Regenerative receiver with buffer amplifier. This excellent series is perfect reading for the radio set builder and experimenter - check out the earlier parts, or order back issues (subject to availability) from our Online Shop

.Spooky Bug - another simple "Top Tenner" projects that can be built for under Ten Pounds ($15). This howling Hallowe'en effects unit erupts into life when light falls below a certain level, its "eyes" glowing and the project emitting a weird wailing sound. Just the thing to pump some power into those pumpkins, or put the frighteners on Gran! Battery powered, loudspeaker output. Straightforward construction on a single p.c.b.

(Our thanks to Ed. for the loan of his passport photograph, left.)

Also in this issue: PIC Breakpoint - an excellent debugging tool offering real-time PC display of all PIC registers. Techno Talk: how new is new, especially in the mobile phones arena? New Technology Update - improved current monitoring devices. Interface describes parallel port interfacing with VB and the new universal INPOUT32.DLL. Net Work - the internet column - looks at alternatives to ADSL, e.g. 802.11g. Circuit Surgery concludes our introduction to SPICE. Ingenuity Unlimited - more readers' own circuits.