Projects in the October 2002 issue of EPE Magazine
EPE Bounty Treasure Hunter — inexpensive and easy to build, our new induction balance design has good penetration and discrimination capabilities, helping you to find the valuables and avoiding the iron and the dross! Piezo sounder output. The perfect introduction to electronics for enthusiasts.

I.C. tester — let a PIC and your PC check the health of your digital logic chips using this great design, complete with versatile free Windows software! This design quickly tests the operation of CMOS and TTL logic i.c.s, and connects to your PC via a serial lead for an on-screen display. Many functions available in the Windows software.

In December 2002 issue (P. 863) we advised that on P. 720 Fig 2, l.e.d. D4 should be reversed so that the anode (a) lead goes to pin 17 of IC3. The circuit diagram is correct. In January 2003 issue (P. 71) we notified that Version 2 of the software should soon be available.

Headset Communicator — forget the megaphone! This system is ideal for directors who don't wish to shout. System comprises a master console and three wired slave units for handsfree headset operation, for an altogether more civilised means of communication. Great for home video productions, school plays, amateur dramatics and more besides.

PIC-Pocket Battleships - our simple to build PIC-based game uses a small l.e.d. matrix display to represent a flotilla of battleships locked in mortal combat. Electronic version of the popular paper-based game. Free source code available from the EPE FTP site for download as usual.

The following corrections were advised in the Feb. 2003 issue: Page 755, Fig.3. In the circuit diagram, switch S1 and S2 should connect to Port B5 via R2 (and not B6 as shown) and S3, S4 and S5 should go to B7 via R1 (not B5). The component layouts, Fig.4 and Fig.5, are correct.


Collecting and restoring Vintage Radios. An exciting introduction to this fascinating and absorbing hobby, our free guide is specially written for electronics enthusiasts and tells you everything you need to get started in buying and restoring vintage receivers, with a fascinating account of valve (vacuum tube) operation as well.

Special feature: Using EPE's Toolkit TK3 with Windows XP. By popular request, we show all the how-to's to get TK3 running under XP. Other features in this issue: Circuit Surgery - your queries answered. New Technology Update describes the use of laser light as "tweezers" and outlines new materials for superconductors. Logic Gate Inverter oscillators (Part 2) - George Hylton provides a comprehensive compendium of practical oscillator circuits for creative experimenters. Interface: adding MSCOMM ActiveX control to your PC. Ingenuity Unlimited - readers' own circuits.