Projects in the September 1999 issue of EPE Magazine
8-Channel Analogue Data Logger (2)
How to use the Data Logger (constructional details given in the August issue), and how to view the captured data. An excellent introduction to the PIC 16F877.

Variable Dual Supply
A "bench" power supply is an essential item of test equipment for every constructor, and this mains-powered design provides a fully variable ±3V to ±15V at 500mA. It is short-circuit proof too. Ideal for experimenters, it's just right for audio and op-amp circuits which need a dual rail supply.

Practical Oscillator Designs (3)
Our special feature continues with worked examples and practical circuit information on Armstrong, Meissner, Franklin and Butler oscillators. An RF voltage measuring probe is described as well. Don't miss this detailed series for the hands-on constructor.

Child Guard
This unique design sounds an audible tone when a child (or other person or animal) strays too close to a hot fire. For maximum effectiveness it creates a coded infra red beam which is not affected by other IR radiation. Simple passive IR detector option available.
Loop Aerial Short Wave Receiver. Build this low budget receiver and be amazed! This simple design is fun to build and promises many captivating hours tuning in to the world's short wave radio stations. Designed for the popular 49, 41, 31, 25 and 22 metre bands, it has a Regenerative control and uses a loop aerial, and is designed for headphone listening.
Power Generation From Pipelines to Pylons (2)
The concluding part of our special feature on how electricity is generated, transmitted and delivered to your home. Three phase supplies, neutral and earthing are described, along with common-sense advice, first aid procedures and more besides.

Also in this issue: Practically Speaking - Robert Penfold discusses capacitor types, and offers the novice's guide to picking and choosing the right one. New Technology Update - Ian Poole on optical phase shifting techniques that promise to reduce chip sizes; Circuit Surgery - introducing the Texas TSL250 light-to-voltage converter, help with l.e.d. series resistors and a maths-intensive approach on RMS signals and power values. Ingenuity Unlimited - readers' own circuit designs, Net Work and more.