Projects in the September 2004 issue of EPE Magazine
Rainbow Lighting Controller - designed to brighten up your garden's night-time colour scheme, this design uses the latest in l.e.d. technology to generate a bright, attractive and colourful display. A sequence of red, green and blue l.e.d.s are set into e.g. a car reversing light housing and controlled by a PIC 16F84 microcontroller. Our constructional article includes all design plans and free source code available from our Downloads section.
Radio Control Failsafe - keep your R/C models safely under control and prevent mayhem! Can be linked into almost any land-based R/C model. This PIC 16F84A-based design was originally designed for fitting into combat robots where such a safety cut-out is a compulsory safety requirement. The R/C Failsafe detects a failure of the RC system and puts the robot or model into a safe condition, rendering it harmless. 5V radio signal input from receiver, relay output to motor circuit

EPE Wart Zapper - an electronic remedy for many warts, this design is presented for experimentation having given very encouraging results during trials. After a full year's experimentation and testing of this design, the author presents the finalised version of the EPE Wart Zapper, a simple battery powered device that will in many cases hasten the removal of common warts on the human skin. Far more preferable over the messy and painful practice of burning off warts using liquid nitrogen which can permanently damage the skin and which poses a higher risk of subsequent infection. Uses a keyfob battery and simple oscillator/ voltage booster circuit to produce a 24V pulse at the optimum frequency known to disrupt warts.

You must heed the warnings about correct usage of this device, printed clearly in the magazine article.

PIC AlphaMouse Game - a PIC16F628 based design that emulates the popular game involving sliding letters around a grid in order to place them in the correct order. Uses an ordinary PS/2 mouse to control the positions of the characters.

Light-Emitting Diodes - Operation and Applications (1) - starting a new series introducing the ubiquitous LED, to answer all those l.e.d. questions that you long to ask.

Also in the September 2004 issue of EPE:Techno Talk brings news of BT's 21CN 21st Century Network, a worldbeating move towards the use of IP instead of traditional circuitry for the UK's telecoms industry.

Ingenuity Unlimited: readers' own circuits.
In Oct. 2004 issue (P.716) we advised that on P.614, Fig. 2 a link needs to be made between the transformer/ relay RLB contact connection and the pump/ switch connection.

Circuit Surgery: back e.m.f. protection and over-rating LEDs. PIC n Mix: hex files - the truth is out there! Practically Speaking - practical project building advice. High-speed Binary to Decimal for PICs.