Projects in the September 2003 issue of EPE Magazine

PIC-A-COLOUR - the classic logic board game is brought up to date with our PIC-powered version. Use your powers of logic and deduction to guess correctly the sequence of colours on four l.e.d.s. Check through your previous guesses and then make new selections - see if you can figure out the colour code in the alloted number of attempts.


Vibration Alarm - guards your property against attempted theft, by sounding an alarm if it's moved. Another in our occasional Top Tenner projects, that can be constructed for under Ten Pounds ($15).

Priority Referee - another simple Top Tenner project, a quiz monitor or 'referee' that indicates in no uncertain terms - and with no argument - which contestant presses their button first. Two players.

Practical Radio Circuits (Part 4) - Tuning Systems, coils and coil packs for general coverage and the amateur bands. More practical RF circuits and projects for the set-builder and constructor. Varicap Tuner for Regenerative Radio (see last month). Upgrade it for LW/ MW/ SW or Amateur bands by using coil pack add-ons wired to the wavechange switch.
EPE PIC 'Met. Office' weather station (Part 2) - concluding with the practical details and setup of the most advanced weather monitoring and logging system we have ever published. Set the temperature range, barometer reading and complete the final software installation, ready to capture weather data in your own environment.

Also in the September 2003 issue: Techno Talk - more connected homes. Brass tacks about networked domestic automation and entertainment. new technology Updat - how hypersonic sound system is set to revolutionise the audio industry. Circuit Surgery - continuing our introduction to SPICE, with pointers to the freeware version for student use. Using the PIC's 'HIGH' operator - offering simpler programming methods for segmented PIC architectures. Practically Speaking - a novice's guide to basic hand tools needed by every hobbyist. Net Work - our writer slams the failure of telco's to provide broadband Internet to needy users.