Projects in the September 2002 issue of EPE Magazine
Vinyl to CD Preamplifier
Now you can transfer your favourite vinyl collection to a compact disc, with the help of our simple pre-amplifier design. This battery-operated (only) unit provides equalisation and boosts the output of a typical magnetic phono cartridge to line-level. Scratch and Rumble filters help remove scratch, clicks and low frequency noise. Many applications for the audiophile.
Freebird Model Glider Control
Calling all glider modellers! Build this automatic flight attitude control for free-flight gliders - Freebird helps stabilise the flight and helps the glider to fly more straight and level. Our PIC design powers three servos directly and uses tilt switches to detect the glider's attitude, automatically operating the control surfaces as needed. Program the Freebird on location, using your laptop, if you wish! Full details included in the article. Free source code available from our FTP server.
EPE Morse Code Reader
Morse Code isn't dead - far from it, and you can now decode Morse transmissions automatically with our fabulous new PIC design. Operates in standalone mode or coupled to a PC. Sophisticated free software runs in Windows and displays the message on-screen. Microphone and audio input, LCD display, lots more features as well, too many to list here!
Telephone Tester
A useful tool for testing those bargain "boot-sale" British telephones before you buy one - could perhaps be adapted for testing other systems. Based upon a standard British Telecom socket and built into a pattress box, simply plug the phone into the socket and push the switch to test. Battery operated.

Also in this issue: Logic Gate Inverter Oscillators (1) - George Hylton offers a compendium of practical oscillator circuits for creative experimenters; Ingenuity Unlimited (readers' own circuits); Flowcode for PICmicro - a full review of this CD ROM; Circuit Surgery, Practically Speaking and more, all in your favourite electronics magazine.