Projects in the September 2000 issue of EPE Magazine
Active Ferrite Loop Aerial (Antenna)
This superbly designed vertically and horizontally rotating active antenna will enhance the listening pleasures of Medium Wave (a.m.) radio enthusiasts. Quality mechanical controls for precise tuning. Varicap design with MOS amplifier for enhanced quality. Full constructional plans for the mechanical assembly are included. Circuit uses BF981 dual-gate MOSFET and KV1236 varicap diode. An excellent project for radio enthusiasts.
Steeplechase Game
Another "Top tenner" design, this fun unit represents a steeplechaser with a simple travelling l.e.d., and using a push switch you must negotiate the "jump" successfully. Includes an element of uncertainty - the "horse" may accelerate or hesitate!
Mood Loop PSU
A regulated 13.2V 1A supply which can easily be modified for 12V output. Suitable for the EPE Moodloop (August 2000). Straightforward 3-terminal regulator design, also an ideal first mains-operated projet for the beginner.

PIC Programmer's Remote Control IR Decoder
Using an integrated IR decoder (the IS1U60 sensor), this design allows PIC programming enthusiasts to "remotely control" their designs. An ordinary IR handset (Philips or Sony protocols) allows the operation of the PIC software to be controlled conveniently. Easy construction, using our free source code available from our FTP site. The article provides circuit details enabling you to construct it on a scrap of stripboard.

In October 2000 issue (P.728) we said that source code (.asm) files were added to the FTP site.

Teach-In 2000
Our highly-praised flagship educational series races onwards to the penultimate lesson, Part 11 - Voltage Regulation, Integration and Differentiation. Our free DOS-based interactive software runs on your PC which is physically connected to the solderless breadboard experiments. Our tutorial gives you a "walk through" and encourages you to experiment with real components while observing and learning from the on-screen tutorials. This month we investigate power supply regulation including Zener diodes and three-terminal devices, followed by experiments highlighting the purposes of differentiators and integrators.
Also in this issue: New Technology Update - how micromagnetic isolation enhances high speed data transfer. Circuit Surgery looks at NiCd, NiMH and RAM batteries. Practically Speaking offers more advice for novice constructors. Net Work - the Internet page - checks out the Google search engine again. Adverts from a diverse range of mail order specialists are included.