Projects in the August 1998 issue of EPE Magazine
Light Bulb Saver - avoid the repeated expense of lightbulbs blowing at switch on. Zero-voltage opto-isolated unit, compact design fits within the switch-box. Simple to build design, low component count.
Float Charger
Keeps sealed lead-acid type batteries in tip-top condition! Precise voltage-regulated output. For 12V 1.2Ah batteries, can be modified for other types.
P.C. Transistor Tester
Measures the gain of npn/ pnp transistors on your PC. Stripboard-design. Requires QBasic or GW-Basic. Save time! Program listing available free from our FTP site here

Greenhouse Compute
Part 2: Radio-link for our advanced microcontroller design for greenhouse irrigation control.

Teach-In 98 - An Introduction to Digital Electronics (Part 10) series written in association with the Department of Electronic Engineering at the University of Hull. Shift registers, op-amps.