Projects in the August 2004 issue of EPE Magazine

EPE Scorer - this versatile sports and quiz timer/ scorer design offers quizmasters everywhere a sophisticated scoring system containing several very useful features: countdown timer ('you have two minutes on the subject of...'), independently adjustable scores for two teams (award a bonus), and fingers on the button function. 'Undo' last score function, deduct penalty point. Use in quizzes, or sports scoring.

An optional extra is a remote slave unit so that each team can have its own local display if needed. Based on PIC 16F877, free source code available from our Downloads page.

Keyring LED Torch - an easy to build mini torch that illuminates a high power l.e.d. from a single 1.5V cell. A very small number of components form a booster circuit to power a 5mm high brightness l.e.d. Both discrete and surface mount transistor options are provided for the beginner or the more advanced constructor.

PIC to PS/2 Mouse and Keyboard Interfacing - all you need to know to make a standard issue PS/2 keyboard and mouse work with your PIC designs.

Simple FM Radio - nothing beats the thrill of listening to radio broadcasts on a home built receiver. This project is a complete high quality design for an FM radio based on a TDA7000 f.m. radio i.c.

Add-on module boards include a tone control, mains power unit and a 2W power amplifier that interconnect to form a complete receiver.The project is fully illustrated with all design and constructional information needed to enable you to build this project in complete confidence.

Also in this issue: EPE PIC Magnetometry Logger (Part 2) discussing the freeware Windows PC monitoring and display software.

Teach-In 2004 Part 10 - the concluding article in our marathon educational series looks at d.c. motor control design.
In Oct. 2004 issue (P.716) we advised that on P.570 Fig 10.14. The top ends of VR2/ R17 should be connected to the line above the one shown. Diode D5 should be labelled D6, and D6 should be labelled D7. The p.c.b. layout is correct.

Ingenuity Unlimited - more readers' own circuit ideas. Circuit Surgery on l.e.d. driving and the latest driver chips. Techno Talk - how antennae can be disguised as everyday objects of street furniture. PIC n MIX for the PIC microcontroller enthusiast. Interface for PC interface designers: more about accessing a PC's parallel port via INPOUT32.DLL.