Projects in the August 2003 issue of EPE Magazine
Samples of EPE PIC 'Met Office' Weather Monitoring System LCD display in standalone mode

EPE 'PIC' Met Office - EPE does it again! Our very latest PIC-powered 'Met Office' Weather Station (so-called after the UK Gov't Meteorological Office) is a fabulous all-solid state weather monitoring and data logging project that's guaranteed free from salty seaweed and old proverbs! The EPE PIC Met Office measures a wide variety of parameters, including: Barometric pressure in millibars | Temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit | Relative Humidity %RH | Soil Mositure % | Light Intensity % | Rain Fall immediate and trends | Wind Speed in kph, mph, Beaufort Scale | Wind Direction | Wind Chill Factor | Possible Rainbow Alert!

This is easily the most comprehensive and sophisticated weather monitoring system EPE has ever produced. Uses high-value FREE software to display and download onto a Windows PC (screenshots here and here), also operates as a standalone unit with LCD alphanumeric realtime display. PC can format and export data for use in e.g. Excel spreadsheets.

Alarm System Fault Finder - A low-cost design that helps locate intermittent faults — silently! Lets you locate faulty or suspect sensors without always triggering the main alarm siren or bell. Self-powered 9V operation.

Master/ Slave Intercom - An easy to build battery intercom that operates on the Master/ Slave switching principle (half duplex). This is part of our 'Top Tenner' project series that can be built for less than Ten Pounds ($15 US). Easy construction, uses a common audio power amp. i.c. and small 8 ohm loudspeakers (also microphones).

Electronic 'Two Up' Game - G'day! Chance your luck with this novel circuit! A traditional Australian gambling game brought up to date with this CMOS logic version. Cheap and easy to build as part of our Top Tenner circuits designed specially for beginners. Read our article and also discover the Ringkeeper, Spinner and the Kip at the same time!

Regenerative Radio Receiver - Part 3 of our series 'Practical Radio Circuits' offers to dispel the mysteries of radio circuits for the radio set builder and experimenter. Full assembly details of a high performance regenerative set are included, along with many drawings and photographs to ensure you can construct this design with complete confidence.

Also in the August 2003 edition of Everyday Practical Electronics magazine: Ingenuity Unlimited (readers' own prizewinning circuit ideas); Techno Talk: networked domestic automation and entertainment; Net Work (The Internet Column) - all about EPE's new web site; Interface: an optical heart rate sensing interface for your PC. Digital Command for model trains (railroads) - computerise your model rail layout; Circuit Surgery: an introduction to SPICE. New Technology Update: how super-cool diamonds may be milestone in superconductor development. News, adverts and editorial - all this and more in the Number One hobby electronics magazine!