Projects in the August 2002 issue of EPE Magazine
EPE PIC® World Clock
Our latest PIC®-powered project, this time-zone clock offers global time zone data, a calendar and position of the sun, all neatly displayed on a graphics LCD display. Uses a PIC® 16F877 with EPE's free source code, available for download from our FTP site.
Teach-In 2002 (Part 10) - Advanced Sensors and Telemetry Systems.
Our marathon series outlining the use of environmental sensors in test and instrumentation applications concludes with a look at telemetry systems: methods of transmitting data from remote sensors. We suggest a remote anemometer and how to transmit analogue signals as well. Have you checked out the previous nine parts of this series as well?

"Big Ears" Binaural Buggy
A sound activated mobile buggy that follows your voice. This stereoscopically-sensitive critter uses twin electret microphones and d.c.motors to pinpoint a sound source, eg. a handclap. Full details of the constructional buggy are included.

Simple Audio Circuits (Part 4)
- concluding part of this top-quality series examines loudspeaker enclosures and associated set-up circuits. If loudspeaker design "baffles" you, then this in-depth article will help you to "horn" your skills! A tuneable oscillator circuit is also described.
Pickpocket Alarm
- dodge those artful pickpockets with our simple portable alarm. Compact battery-powered system uses a magnetic switch and tilt-switch to warn of attempts to steal a handbag. Ideal project for beginners.

Special Feature: Evolutionary Electronics - looking into the world of evolving electronics, the Genetic Algorithm, artificial intelligence and more. Also in this issue - Ingenuity Unlimited- readers' own circuits; Circuit Surgery - Mini Siren, transformer sizes, high-bri LEDs; Using Square Roots with PIC® microcontrollers; Interface - Using MSCOMM to receive serial data on your PC. All this and more in the August 2002 issue of EPE Magazine!