Projects in the July 2004 issue of EPE Magazine

EPE PIC Magnetometer (Part 1) - with data logging for archaeology and metal detecting. Based on the high sensitivity FGM-3 fluxgate sensor, this project is designed to measure the direction and/ or intensity of the earth's magnetic fields, in order to help locate any disturbances underneath. Helps pinpoint hidden artifacts and other archaeological features. PC serial interface and optional GPS interface. Data logging feature. Valuable free Windows software. More screenshots available here (zip file 460k). Free source code available from our Downloads page.

In the Sept. 04 issue (P.623) we advised that the correct number for Speake & Co., the suppliers of the flux sensors, should be 01600 780150 and not as printed. In the Nov. 2004 issue we said that on Page 474 Fig 6, the FGM6 legends for Sig Out and GND have been transposed. GND is pin 2 and SIG OUT ispin 3. The wiring connections to th ePCB should be transposed.


Portable Mini Alarm by Andy Flind.

The Staff at EPE is saddened to announce Andy's untimely death on 4th June 2004.

This Portable Mini Alarm monitors your projects and distinguishes between "loiterers" and "passers-by". PIR detection, pulse counting alarm system. Ingenious micropower design for maximum battery life. Traditional 4000 CMOS discrete logic design, piezo siren output.

In the Sept. 04 issue (P.623) we advised that on Page 451, Fig. 5 the annotations for R4 and R5 on the sensor PCB layout diagram should be swapped over to agree with the circuit diagram. Resistor R5 (100k) should be the one that connects to the positive lead of capacitor C3, at the bottom edge of the p.c.b.

Bongo Box - PIC up the rhythm with our MIDI finger drum -- BongoBox is ideal for budding drummers everywhere who like to drum out a rhythm using their finger ends. Designed for PC interfacing via a MIDI port, can also be connected directly to the MIDI input of a dedicated MIDI drum machine. Free source code available from our Downloads page.

Hard Drive Warbler - monitor the activity of your hard drive from a distance, using this simple monitor to spy on the hard drive l.e.d. and operate a small piezo sounder. Warns of disk drive lock-ups or crashes. Can be battery or USB powered as the power consumption is very low.

Also in the July 2004 issue:

  • Feature: Making Your Own Panel overlays - get that smart professional finish on you projects!
  • Teach-In (Part 9) - beginners' educational series
  • Ingenuity Unlimited - more readers' own ideas
  • Techno Talk and the confusion surrounding digital TV standards
  • PIC n MIX - taking your first steps with PIC microcontrollers
  • NetWork - what's happening with Google's Gmail service?
  • Practically Speaking - practical hints for the workshop

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