Projects in the July 2001 issue of EPE Magazine
PIC-to-Printer Interface and Data Logger - this easily built module offers PIC-control of Epson-compatible dot matrix printers, it also has a role as a data logger producing a hard copy printout from measurement or data capture apparatus. Our constructional article provides a full description and source codes are available free from our FTP site.
NEW SERIES! Perpetual Projects - perfect for the novice, our series of mini circuits uses a modest solar panel to charge a "Gold Cap" capacitor during the day, which in turn powers a custom-created mini circuit "for ever"! An LED Flasher, Loop Burglar Alarm, Rain Alarm, Bird Scarer and more besides are then yours to build in this great new series! The same universal mini-PCB can be used for any of the projects. A totally fascinating series, not to be missed, even experienced constructors are sure to want to dabble.
MSF Signal Repeater & Indicator — For the ultimate in accuracy radio-controlled clock signals are not new but this circuit can be used in a shielded building, such as industrial premises made from preformed steel. Utilises the Rugby 60kHz MSF transmission.
Stereo/ Surround Amplifier - an inexpensive easy to build stereo amp. that can also produce pseudo surround sound with an existing stereo amplifier. Gives a "true" 1W r.m.s. per channel from a 12V supply, which is plenty of sound!

Also in this issue, The World of the PLC - Programmable Logic Controllers play a vital part in industry at the heart of control systems for many production and manufacturing systems. Our special feature outlines the operation and purposes of PLCs used in many typical industrial applications.Ingenuity Unlimited (readers' own circuit ideas), Circuit Surgery looks at logic families and resistor voltage specs., New Technology Update examines non-volatile memory based on CD-ROM technology. Net Work — The Internet Page — looks at "Googlified" newsgroups — all your favourite features, in your favourite hobby electronics magazine!