Projects in the July 2001 issue of EPE Magazine
This surface-mount project uses an advanced space-age chip to form a complete pocket-sized "G" Meter or accelerometer. The micro-machined sensor is a surface-mount device which drives a 10-l.e.d. bargraph. Measure the gravitational pull when you brake, corner, do the roller coaster and more besides! Fine soldering skills required - no other special equipment is needed however.
PIC-GEN Frequency Generator/ Counter
This powerful yet easy to build PIC/ 8038-based project will prove to be a valuable addition to the constructor's workbench. Provides 0.1 Hz to 10MHz frequency triangle/ square/ sine output. LCD display of frequency and range. Direct and a.c. coupled outputs, also 5V logic pulse and 3.2768MHz fixed output.
Atmospheric Electricity Detector (2)
Investigate Nature's power house with this intriguing experimental design, which detects the very high impedance voltage present in the atmosphere. This month, assembly of the sensor probe and setting up details are provided.
Camera Shutter Timer
Make sure you get the right exposure with this simple design, ideal for beginners. Four switched ranges from 5ms to 5 seconds to test the accuracy of SLR shutters.

Circuit Surgery examines a 4042 logic chip by request, and offers a nifty circuit for a low-voltage alarm/ detector using the MAX 8211/ 8212 microprocessor supply detectors. Ingenuity Unlimited showcases more readers' circuits and Practically Speaking looks at a variety of ways of neatly labelling your projects. New Technology Update discusses "aerogel" foam capacitors and Robert Penfold reviews PICO Technology's new DrDAQ data logger.