Projects in the June 1999 issue of EPE Magazine
Musical Sundial
Now you can tell the "chime" of day with the electronic equivalent of the traditional sundial! The Sundial detects a moving shadow, plays the Westminster (Big Ben) chimes, followed by the relevant number of "pips" and finishing off with an appropriate musical ditty! Great for the summer garden. PIC16x84 powered, free source code available from our FTP site.

Clipping Video Fader project
- ideal starter project for beginners

PC Audio Frequency Meter
Use your PC's bidirectional printer port to monitor frequencies up to 32kHz. Provides a very simple digital readout in conjunction with a BASIC listing. This practical piece of test equipment is also a good starting point for the experimenter.

PhizzyB Computers (Part 8) - the last in this computer tutorial series which introduced the PhizzyB Computer Simulator, the PhizzyBot computerised platform and accompanying CD ROM.
Please note, the PhizzyB hardware is now almost obsolete, with few kits or MCU chips remaining. Please check all parts are available before commencing construction.

PIC Toolkit MK2 (Part 2) - we conclude this exciting new PIC constructional project with detailed descriptions of many of the software's options offered by this sophisticated PIC 'F87x and 'x84 programmer.
Alan Dower Blumlein
- an unsung genius who greatly influenced the development of 20th century electronics, A.D. Blumlein either originated or made profound contributions to telephony, monaural and stereo recording, television, radar, amplifier technology and signal processing circuits. He held 128 patents. Working originally for STC and then for EMI, he pioneered many ground-breaking achievements in audio, TV and wartime radar. He was as inventive and indefatigable as Thomas Edison, and this special EPE article pays tribute to Blumlein's pioneering impact in many fields of electronics.