Projects in the June 2006 issue of EPE Magazine

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Poor Man's Metal Locator — using just five electronic components in total, this has to be the simplest metal locator we have ever published! Despite the apparent simplicity it is capable of surprisingly good results. Its performance matches that of a budget Induction Balance detector, and it can detect an old English penny at 5-6" distance.The perfect introduction to metal locators, our article includes all necessary constructional details , drawings and photos in full colour.

Phone Ring & Test this popular type of project will test and ring a telephone in the UK, US or European style ringtones (cadence), and also perform a basic check on the speech circuit if required.

Applications include stage or theatrical productions, and the actual stage prop phone will ring, and it will stop ringing when the handset is lifted. Our Phone Ring and Test can also help with general testing of old telephones. The project will handle both traditional and modern telephones, provided that a modern compatible phone connector is fitted to them.

Digital Instrument Display for Cars (Part 1) — Now you can convert analogue instruments to a digital display using our PIC-based project. Suitable for connection to variable resistance or voltage output sensors, to monitor fuel levels, oil pressure or engine temperature. Adjustable alarm level, and automatic display dimming in low light levels. Free source code available from our Downloads page. Calibration procedures and connection details next month.

"Widgy Box" Guitar Distortion Effect Unit — At last! A guitar unit that sounds great, but is cheap and easy to build! Designed to connect directly in-line with the guitar's output, this clever effects unit adds a whole new dimension to your guitar playing. It is battery powered, has three tone controls and optional bypass switch as well.

Full constructional details are included, with printed circuit board layout and assembly details in full colour, so that you can build our design with complete confidence.

Also in this issue: PIC n MIX on random number generation; Teach-In 2006 (Part 8): introducing logic gates and logic families. Circuit Surgery: op.amp output capabilities. Net Work (The Internet page) VoIP phones and setting up Skype video comms. TechnoTalk has interesting information on the history of some well-known electronic brand names. Subscribe now so you don't miss your copy!