Projects in the May 2005 issue of EPE Magazine
DAB Radio Aerial - an ingenious loft/ attic mounted quarter wave ground plane antenna for digital reception. Full constructional details and plans for this simple device are included. Digital radio offers many new benefits over traditional broadcasting systems and this antenna design helps improve coverage in fringe areas. Includes details for weatherproofing the design for outdoor use. Easy and low cost design.

20 Watt Amplifier Module - a low cost single chip design that features wide-band, low distortion performance in a module that is really simple to build. Mono/ stereo amplifier configuration.

  • Loudspeaker protection - anti-thump speaker muting at power-up
  • Very low standby current
  • Wide supply voltage tolerance
  • AC/ DC short circuit protection
  • Distortion 0.03% at 1kHz
  • 10 Hz - 100 kHz Freq Response

Crossword Solver - a PIC powered pal for puzzlers everywhere! Our Crossword Solver includes a 57,000 word dictionary that you program into an EPROM, an alphanumeric LCD and simple entry of characters/ wildcards. Also has a fun anagram solver. Full constructional details are provided, along with free source code including dictionary files, available free from our Downloads area.
PLEASE TAKE NOTE (July 05 issue P 497) In Fig 1 p317, J3-1 should connect to l.c.d. pin 5 (R/W) and J3-2 to l.c.d. pin 6 (E). (August 05 P 583) Page 317 Fig. 1 and Page 318 Fig. 2 The author advises that a 4k7 resistor be connected between IC1 pin 6 (RA4) of the PIC, and the +ive line.


Smart Karts (8) - The final instalment of our series describing a very adaptable multi function PIC-based robot cart that is both educational and fun to build. In this part we describe the final software routines for our mobile buggy platform that dances, follws lines and plays musical tones as well.

Back To Basics (2) - Water Level Detector warns of high or low water levels, Burglar Alarm using easily available 4000 CMOS logic gate chips.

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Also in this issue: Ingenuity Unlimited (adjustable constant current source, multi level lock, electrical field detector); Techno Talk on new wiring colour codes; Circuit Surgery on CompactFlash memory cards and thermistor circuits; Special Feature - getting the most out of your Atlas LCR passive component analyser; Net Work - the Internet column - on phishing fraud and adware.