Projects in the May 2001 issue of EPE Magazine
PIC Graphics LCD Scope
At last! Our long-awaited PIC-powered graphics LCD signal monitor for your workshop. Easy to build, intended mainly for audio signals. 5V p-p input. Frequency and voltage data alphanumeric display. 64 × 128 graphics matrix display. Single channel. Source code free from our FTP site.

Intruder Alarm Control Panel (2)
Concluding our superb professional 5-zone microcontroller security system, complies with BS4737. All PCB and interwiring details are provided.

In the June 2001 issue (P.431) we published corrections as follows. Page 357 Fig 5: unfortunately the main p.c.b. component layout shows some of the diodes incorrectly annotated. They should be as follows: D5 becomes D22; D6 becomes D11; D7 becomes D12; D8 becomes D6; D9 is ok; D10 becomes D8; D11 becomes D10 and D12 becomes D5; D22 becomes D7. The circuit and components list are correct. The author also adds that the battery for the extension bellunit mayb e any voltage between 7.2V and 12V, rated approx 250mAh, Ni-cad or sealed lead-acid.

Camcorder Mixer
Enhance the sound of your home video productions with our stereo mixer design - featuring two microphones and a line input. Individual channel level controls. Safe battery operation, with low battery alarm system. Many other applications.

DC Motor Controller
A small, inexpensive low voltage controller for d.c. motors or lamps. Simple PWM design for small model motors 6V-12V Can be built for under £10 ($7).

Using Schmitt Triggers (7) The concluding part of our highly acclaimed in-depth series explains the effects of hysteresis in specialised devices. Plenty of practical circuit design examples are provided in this authoritative feature, an absolute must for your reference bookshelf!

Also in this month's issue: New Technology Update, how digital amplification is enhancing audio quality; Circuit Surgery - our team of writers explains impedance matching and re-visit phase-locked loops; Ingenuity Unlimited - our round-up of readers' circuit ideas; Interface - going active with VB5 Control Creation Edition.